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by Hill Top
Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:47 pm
Forum: Warre
Topic: Warre Hive Experiment
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Warre Hive Experiment

I decide to do an experiment regarding how to prep top bars in a Warre hive because there seems to be so many conflicting opinions about this. All bars have guides. One bar I melted wax only along the guide. The rest of the bars I used a starter strip of 4.9 foundation only 1/2 inch. One bar I insta...
by Hill Top
Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:45 am
Forum: Warre
Topic: Starting with Warre Hives and Colony Losses
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Re: Starting with Warre Hives and Colony Losses

I like my Warre hive's. They seem really easy to manage to me. You can add a box on top if needed and works well if you want cut comb honey with a pristine comb. However the beauty of the warre is the built in comb rotation with I think keeps the bee's healthier by cycling out any old comb. Look on ...

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