List of diseases of the honey bee

We don't treat for pests or diseases, but we do need to identify them. We can then breed for resistance, or destroy as necessary.
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List of diseases of the honey bee

Postby nirmaladevi2691 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:03 am

A variety of treatments are currently marketed or practiced to attempt to control these mites. The treatments are generally segregated into chemical and mechanical controls.

Common chemical controls include "hard" chemicals such as Amitraz (marketed as Apivar , fluvalinate (marketed as Apistan), and coumaphos (marketed as CheckMite). "Soft" chemical controls include thymol (marketed as ApiLife-VAR and Apiguard), sucrose octanoate esters (marketed as Sucrocide), oxalic acid and formic acid (sold in gel packs as Mite-Away, but also used in other formulations). According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, when used in beehives as directed, these treatments kill a large proportion of the mites while not substantially disrupting bee behavior or life span. Use of chemical controls is generally regulated and varies from country to country. With few exceptions, they are not intended for use during production of marketable honey.

Common mechanical controls generally rely on disruption of some aspect of the mites' lifecycle. These controls are generally intended not to eliminate all mites, but merely to maintain the infestation at a level which the colony can tolerate. Examples of mechanical controls include drone brood sacrifice (varroa mites are preferentially attracted to the drone brood), powdered sugar dusting (which encourages cleaning behavior and dislodges some mites), screened bottom boards (so any dislodged mites fall through the bottom and away from the colony), brood interruption and, perhaps, downsizing of the brood cell size. A device called the varroa mite control entrance (VMCE) is under development as of 2008. The VMCE works in conjunction with a screened bottom board, by dislodging varroa mites from bees as they enter and exit a hive.

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Re: List of diseases of the honey bee

Postby Michael Bush » Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:50 pm

Where is the "list of diseases"?
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Re: List of diseases of the honey bee

Postby Imker Ingo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:53 pm

This device consists of a brush through which the bees must pass to get into the hive and a grid underneath into which the mites fall and land on a sticky base preventing any from crawling out. I note a patent has been applied for. I cannot find any studies showing data on the results and am sceptical of any success claims. It is nevertheless a treatment, be it a mechanical one and thus NOT treatment free!

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