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Venus flytraps and Sundews at Parker Farms

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 2:52 pm
by Solomon
Just wanted to see if anybody has some of the same hobbies as me.

Started last year raising venus flytraps. I have kept them in the past but this time I thought I might try to get into growing and selling them. So I purchased some various cultivars, all the big traps types, DCXL, Megatraps, B52, and then Ginormous when it came out. Last fall, I split them all up (I call it shredding) where I essentially tear the plant apart and replant the individual leaves to make new plants. So now, I have a bunch more of each. I also have about 40 seed grown flytraps, some of which are already Lowe's small cube size, but the rest are still smaller than a dime.

When I got the Ginormous, it came with a cape sundew hitchiker, so I let it get big and bloom, then I chopped off its leaves and started some new plants with it, so now I have 10 more of those.

Re: Venus flytraps and Sundews at Parker Farms

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:26 pm
how does one get started the right way with these?

Re: Venus flytraps and Sundews at Parker Farms

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:40 pm
by Solomon
I'll say this, it's a whole lot easier and cheaper than getting started with bees!

If you're looking at venus flytraps, or pretty much all carnivorous plants, the basics are to buy one (or more) and learn how to take care of it and multiply it. Most carnivorous plants can be multiplied through cloning, and the rest through seeds.

So for instance, I got started again a year ago (had been doing fine back in 2008, but went on vacation, had a hot spell when I was gone, and all of them died) by buying a couple plants of different cultivars of flytraps. Also bought 100 seeds. About 60 of the seeds sprouted, and I have been splitting apart the adult flytraps and starting new ones. So I purchased 5 (+1 that was sent as a warranty) and now I have split those into perhaps 50 or more. And when the seed grown flytraps get large enough, I'll decide which of those to keep. I also picked up a bunch of half dead ones from Lowes last Christmas and have grown them back to health, about 20.

The sundew came with one of the flytraps (even potted plants have weeds) and I grew it up, and started a bunch of new ones by rooting them in water, so now I went from one of those to about 15.

So ultimately, it's about getting hold of a plant, and learning the specific method to care for it and multiply it. Each type of plant has one. Many are very easy, some are very hard. For example, one of the most important things with flytraps that most people don't know is that they have to have a cold dormant period in winter, so it's often beneficial to grow them outside or in more controlled conditions like a garage where it gets cold in the winter.

Re: Venus flytraps and Sundews at Parker Farms

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:29 pm
and where is a good direction to look when purchasing plants?

Re: Venus flytraps and Sundews at Parker Farms

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:13 pm
by Solomon
Most suppliers online are pretty good, different ones have different plants. Buy from someone who is knowledgeable. If you want a specific cultivar, it will be a clone so the only matter of concern is the health of the plant at the time of purchase. California Carnivores is good, Cooks Carnivorous Plants up in Oregon is good, Flytrap Ranch is one of my favorites but seems to be closed right now, and there is plenty of discussion on carnivorous plant forums about which suppliers are the best. There are plenty. The most important thing is to trust your supplier to be providing you the cultivar advertised.

Here is my flytrap collection:
Pot full of normals rescued from Lowe's and elsewhere at discount prices ~25
Pot full of plants grown from seed from Flytrap Ranch, ~50

That's six big pots. I came up with a system wherein I found pots that would sit perfectly in the top of a 3-gallon bucket, and the bucket is filled with rainwater. This way, I can go for about a month without watering them which means they are safe during vacations, which is how I lost my collection in 2008.

I guess I should post some pictures some time.