Queen Cell Incubators

How to make queens for yourself, don't be held back by the availability from somebody who is not local to you.
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Queen Cell Incubators

Postby Solomon » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:19 pm

I just noticed that Rossman's incubator looks almost identical to my egg incubator: http://www.gabees.com/store/product_inf ... eea975ae58

Only my incubator came with an egg turner!

On a side note, I have incubated queens in it and it worked flawlessly. My advice if you're going to do an incubator is to get yourself a very nice chicken egg incubator (with digital temperature controls) so you can incubate eggs too. 12 volt means you can plug it in in the car on the way to the bee yard and keep them warm.
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