Zandt K in Southeast Louisiana

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Zandt K in Southeast Louisiana

Postby zfish7 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:43 pm

Greetings everybody !
I started with two hives that I got locally as swarms from a fellow beekeeper and those have been going strong completely treatment free for five years now. Not at all from my expertise, but thankfully with good local genetics and a lot of prayer they are thriving. I purchased a package and it is still strong, going into its third year also treatment free.

My first two hives are in standard ten frame deep Langstroth hives, 2 deeps per hive for the brood nest and then I use honey supers during production season. I have the third hive in a homemade langstroth long hive which is basically two deeps side by side, and I am currently working on another design to be able to super it better.

I would like to thank Mr. Bush for his work in the treatment free field, after I happened upon his site I bought his book and refer to it extensively.
Also I would like to thank Mr. Parker for the facebook page/forum/podcast, it has really sparked up my interest again and hopefully I will try the rapid expansion next season.

My goal is to get to about a dozen hives, I had been quite gung ho about it at the beginning but Lord blessed my wife and I with a daughter and then a son and beekeeping took a backseat for a while. They are a little older now so I am back in the bee yard more often.

That is a little about me, hope to keep gaining more understanding about the bees.


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