Number of Frames in a 10 Frame Box

Discussion pertaining specifically to the hive type commonly known as "Langstroth" with Hoffman frames.
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Number of Frames in a 10 Frame Box

Postby muss02 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:57 pm

I have noticed that it is awfully difficult for me to put my hive back together at the end of my inspections. I am using 10 frame boxes and the 10th frame never quite fits right. I have to shove the other nine over as far as I can and I'm still using a bit more force than I would like to get the 10th frame all the way down. I know that in Honey Supers you can use 9 frames and the bees will draw the comb out further to use the extra space. How would that extra space be used in a brood box? Would it be better to shave some of the top bars off and keep all 10 frames in the box or possibly try making my boxes a half an inch wider?

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Re: Number of Frames in a 10 Frame Box

Postby Michael Bush » Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:35 pm

Don't change the size of your boxes. It's just the propolis buildup. There should be about an inch extra space but that disappears when you have 1/16" of propolis on each side of each frame. Personally I shave them down to 1 1/4" wide (they are 1 3/8" wide) and put 11 in. If they get too fat to fit 11, I'm not against 10. They seem to draw better small cell comb when they are 1 1/4" and foundationless compared to 1 3/8". If you are down to 9 frames you are at about 1 1/2"...
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