Progress? Or?

You have just gotten your bees, either in the mail or you have gone and picked them up in person. Now what do you do? Covers from installation in your hive until the end of the first winter and the first blooms of spring.
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Progress? Or?

Postby Max » Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:04 am

The attached picture is of the entrance of my first hive. A package was installed in it a week ago and the queen had been released when I checked Tuesday morning. Pollen is coming in steadily in colors from red through orange to yellow. Is this a good sign? Does it indicate anything other than just bees bein bees? Hive #2 was a nuc that was installed two days ago, the bees over there are bringing pollen in also but not at such a frantic pace. I did see the bees from #2 come out about 3pm en mass for what I assume was an orientation flight, they were back to normal within half an hour.
Hive #1 worker
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Re: Progress? Or?

Postby Imker Ingo » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:33 pm

Max if the workers are bringing in pollen it usually means the queen is laying, especially at this time of year. I assume the bees are happy, so your hive should be queen right. Nice foto, lots of pollen on the bee.

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