1st swarm and killed the queen.

You have just gotten your bees, either in the mail or you have gone and picked them up in person. Now what do you do? Covers from installation in your hive until the end of the first winter and the first blooms of spring.
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1st swarm and killed the queen.

Postby Max » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:24 pm

I caught my first swarm last Friday. Easy peasy small cluster hanging off the hitch box in a semi-trailer. Brushed them into a cardboard NUC box with frames, put a net bag around them and put them in the back of my truck. I noticed the queen running around the outside of the box so I tried to nudge her into the entrance, that didn't go so well. She scooted into one of the joint areas of the NUC in between the cardboard sections. I couldn't find her when I put them in the hive and I noticed them clustering around a dead bee Image
The next morning they were still going to the dead bee on the ground (which is when I picked it up and took the picture. There was also a large clump on the cardboard NUC at exactly the spot she hid in. The bees in the hive were lined up on the landing board fanning like mad.
Is it safe to assume I killed their queen?
Second I am getting a queen via a local that put together a group order from Olivarez, is it ok to put her in that hive?

I did put a frame of pollen/honey and a frame of brood in the hive and they seem to have got over pining for their queen and are foraging.

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Re: 1st swarm and killed the queen.

Postby Imker Ingo » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:52 pm

Hard luck on losing the queen. Was this the prime swarm or a cast, I think the later from what you are saying. If there are enough bees to keep the brood frame you inserted warm and others to forage, they may raise an emergency queen. If you are going to add a replacement, new queen, this should be done soon before you get drone workers laying. You could also unite these bees with a queen right hive using the newspaper method

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